Don't Be Late for Daylight Savings Time With a New Bed Shaker Alarm Clock

Bellman and Symfon bed shaker alarm clock

The time changes twice a year affect everyone as they adjust to the new schedule. Throwing off daily sleep schedules can have adverse effects on the quality of the days and productivity. Everyone needs to awake feeling alert and focused, ready to take on the day. It can be incredibly frustrating for heavy sleepers and the hearing impaired not to hear their alarm. Getting an alarm clock that you feel confident in is the perfect way to sleep relaxed and to wake up full of energy! Below are some details on how a bed shaker alarm clock like the one by Bellman & Symfon can get even the deepest sleepers out of bed and on with their days.

What Is a Bed Shaker Alarm Clock?

That extra hour of sleep gained when "falling back" is excellent, but not if resetting the clocks means having difficulty getting up in the morning. That is where bed shaker alarm clocks come in. These nifty alarms are placed right under a mattress or pillow and can connect to a receiver or be wireless, like the Vibio that connects directly to a phone via Bluetooth. There is a low voltage rechargeable battery in the vibrating pad, and that is perfectly safe. The pad itself has an anti-slip surface that stays firmly in place while it vibrates. The three other models, the Alarm clock Classic, the Alarm clock Pro and the Vibio Alarm clock, all connect to the bed shaker while still illuminating the time, accommodating those that still like having a clock on their nightstand. So whether traditional or wireless, there is an option for everyone.

What are the Benefits of a Bed Shaker Alarm Clock?

Besides waking people, even heavy sleepers, or the hearing impaired, these innovative alarm clocks have several benefits. They include:

Being able to turn off the sound of the alarm clock (and be on vibrate only) without worrying about oversleeping. A sleeping partner will thank you in the morning.

Waking up to lights instead of sound. The LED lights are similar to a modern camera and are effective even if napping during the day.
Find your way back to bed in the dark. With a unique nightlight built-in, the gentle blue light guides you back to bed while not disturbing someone sleeping.

Bellman & Symfon

Bellman & Symfon has been dedicated to providing hearing solutions for more than 30 years. So why not check out the alarm clocks offered by Bellman & Symfon and see how this revolutionary alarm clock will help you start the change in seasons in the right way. For more information, visit their website or call 910-239-5796.