Your home is important to you and keeping yourself and your family safe inside your home is a top priority. Fire safety for the hard of hearing, deaf or heavy sleepers can be especially concerning for you or your loved ones, so get peace of mind with our wide selection of safety solutions. Fire and Carbon Monoxide transmitters from our Visit Smart Home System detect heat, smoke, fire and carbon monoxide at an early stage so you have time to get to safety. The loud sounds, bright flashing lights and strong vibrations from the receivers of our Visit smart home system will effectively help alert the deaf, hard of hearing, and the deepest sleepers.

Besides protecting you from fire and carbon monoxide, individuals with hearing loss may need to know when there’s someone opening their doors or windows. When a door or window is opened by your child, a visitor or an intruder, the Bellman & Symfon Entry Alert system sends a radio signal wirelessly to the receiver, and you will know right away. Feel safe and sound in your home with a combination of our Visit Smart Home transmitters and receivers which utilize reliable visual, tactile and audible notifications along with color LED lights so you know which safety alert is activated.

Fire and Carbon Monoxide Solutions

Entry Alerts