Change Your Wake-Up Routine with Vibio Bluetooth Bed Shaker

Vibio Bluetooth Bed Shaker vs Alarm Clock

Before starting this I wanna tell you about why a bed shaker is more important than an alarm clock.

Imagine this: The alarm clock is buzzing away, but it might as well be a world away if you can't hear it. That's where a nifty little lifesaver called a 'bed shaker' comes in. Let's dive into why this gadget is a game-changer for deaf or hearing-impaired guys.

Are you curious about what a Bed Shaker is?

Picture this: a small device, unassuming in looks, but with the power to wake you up by shaking your pillow- quite literally! Do you know: A bed shaker is like your personal morning awake assistant?

You put it under your pillow or mattress. When it's time to wake up, it vibrates strongly to wake you up and get you moving.

Shh.... It's Quiet!

Roommates or partners will love this - a bed shaker wakes you up without a sound. So, everyone else can keep on dreaming while you're getting ready to seize the day.

Why a Bed Shaker Over a Regular Alarm Clock?

Here are a few reasons why someone might choose a bed shaker over a traditional alarm clock:

Hearing Impairment: 

For individuals with hearing impairments, traditional alarm sounds may not be effective. This device helps with shaking the pillow instead.

Heavy Sleepers: 

Some people sleep deeply and sound alone may not easily wake them up. The vibration from a pillow shaker can be more effective for them to wake up.

Considerate Alarm:

In shared living spaces, using this gadget allows one person to wake up without disturbing others. This is especially useful in dormitories, shared bedrooms, or situations where people have different waking times.

Personal Preference: 

Some people prefer gently shaking to wake up rather than a loud noise. It can provide a more gradual and less stressful way to wake up.

How to Choose a Bed Shaker?

Offer guidance on what to look for when purchasing a bed shaker.

You can include factors like

  • Compatibility with smartphones,
  • Battery life,
  • Vibration intensity,
  • Price.

Now I'm going to introduce the best bed shaker (Vibio) from Bellman & Symfon. In this way, you can compare & justify whether this gadget is the best choice for you or not.

Vibio: Portable Bluetooth Bed Shaker


Vibio: Portable Bluetooth Bed Shaker


Bellman & Symfon designed this groundbreaking device specifically to meet the needs of the deaf and hearing-impaired community.

The Vibio wireless bed shaker alarm goes beyond the traditional alarm clock. It effortlessly connects to your cell phone or tablet via Bluetooth, delivering a customized and efficient waking experience. The device features tactile and visual LED alerts for incoming calls and text messages, throughout your day.

Key Features of Vibio Shaker:


Key Features of Vibio Bed Shaker


  1. Adjustable Vibration: The Vibio bed shaker alarm offers a distinctive feature with its adjustable vibration strength. Users can easily customize by selecting the desired vibration strength, ranging from gentle to powerful, based on their preferences.
  2. Multi-Alarm Functionality: Never miss an important appointment or event again. The Vibio lets you set up to 10 alarms, making it easy to plan your day accurately. It ensures peace of mind and reliable time management.
  3. Efficient Design for Difficult Listening Situations: Bellman designed this device to assist individuals with hearing impairments in difficult listening situations. It ensures a smooth wake-up experience, even if there are no sound notifications on the mobile phone.
  4. Notification for Calls & Texts: It notifies you of every incoming calls and text messages. This makes it a great option for people who can't afford to miss important communications.
  5. Supported Devices: The Vibio works with iOS and Android, giving flexibility and convenience to users of both platforms. You can easily connect your device and enjoy a stress-free wake-up routine without worrying about utility issues.


Function of Vibio Bed Shaker


The Vibio portable bluetooth bed shaker device is a game-changer for the deaf and hearing-impaired. It is reliable and customizable with sleep and wake settings. Get better sleep, work efficiency, and peace of mind with Vibio today.


Vibio Portable Bluetooth Bed Shaker


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