Holiday Gift Ideas for Those with Hearing Loss

Are you having trouble finding the right gift for a friend or family member? It can be hard to get the right gift for certain people! Some seem to have everything already, while others need so much it's hard to settle on one thing. Well, the holidays are approaching quickly, so you've no time to waste!

Hearing Amplifiers

One fantastic gift that nearly anyone could benefit from this holiday season is the gift of better hearing! A suitable personal hearing amplifier or listening system can change someone's life and finally allow them to enjoy conversation with friends and family once again. Our hearing amplifiers will deliver a clear and distinct speech with or without hearing aids. With many size options, portability, and compatible hearing accessories, between the Maxi Classic, Maxi Pro, Mino, and Response amplifier, we know one will make the perfect gift for someone in your life.

Alarm Clocks

The Bellman & Symfon line of alarm clocks for heavy sleepers, those with hearing loss, and the deaf are the perfect gift! It's unbelievably stressful to go to sleep at night, knowing you need to be up at a particular time and not knowing if your alarm clock will be able to wake you. Many people are heavy sleepers and need that extra boost to get up in the morning. Our most capable alarm clock offering is the Alarm Clock Receiver. The included bed shaker WILL ensure that anyone, even the absolute deepest sleepers, wakes up when they need to be. In addition, it can receive alert signals from other safety solutions such as the baby cry monitor, door transmitter, smoke alarm, or telephone transmitter to ensure you're always in touch with what is happening in your home.

Our standard alarm clock receivers produce loud sounds and bright flashing lights and engage the attached bed shaker to vibrate when your alarm goes off or activates a connecting alerting device. So never worry about missing another alarm again because your alarm can't wake you up.

Bed Shaker

The Vibio Bluetooth Portable Bed Shaker is our best on-the-go solution for heavy sleepers. It can connect directly to your cell phone via Bluetooth – and through the app, you can set your alarm schedules and even vibration strength. So when you're traveling, you can rest well at night knowing you're going to be up for the day's events on time. These alarms clocks make a meaningful gift; the best things you can give to others are things that function to improve or make their lives easier.

Alerting Devices

Keeping up with technology helps all family or household members receive alerts they may need to help keep themselves safe. Our alerting devices are perfect for this. A combination of transmitters, receivers, and accessories are included in the Visit Smart Home System that can be placed or carried around the house. They will alert you to any critical warnings and notifications, such as guests at the door, telephone ringing, baby crying, activated smoke, or carbon monoxide alarm, and more. It is an excellent gift for anyone looking to stay in close contact with their home and what happens inside it.

Safety Devices

Your home is vital to you and keeping your family safe inside is a top priority. You should never feel uncomfortable or unsafe in your own home. Fire safety for the hard of hearing or deaf can be especially concerning, so get peace of mind with our wide selection of safety solutions. They include a variety of carbon monoxide and fire alarms, and other alerting devices. For example, when your child, a visitor, or anyone else opens a door or window, the Bellman & Symfon Entry Alert system sends a radio signal wirelessly to your receiver and immediately notifies you.

Bellman & Symfon

Feel safe and sound in your own home with a combination of our Visit Smart Home transmitters and receivers, which utilize reliable visual, tactile, and audible notifications along with color LED lights, so you know which safety alert is activated. Shop Bellman & Symfon for any of the above listed devices or call us at 910-239-5796 and we'll recommend some devices that fits your needs.
Give the gift of safety to those who matter to you this holiday season.