Best TV Headphones for Hard of Hearing People

Hearing impairment is a common issue among approximately 48 million Americans. It can make simple tasks challenging to enjoy, like listening to music or watching their favorite TV shows. Most seniors merely turn up the volume, but is this the best solution? Hearing impairment is more complex than just volume; it also involves clarity (distinguishing dialogue from background noise). The TV volume can be at maximum level, yet, people who are hard of hearing still find it hard to interpret the dialogue accurately. This situation is where assistive hearing devices and TV headphones for the hard of hearing can help.

Watching TV With Hearing Loss

Several different devices and systems can help with both volume and clarity.

Telecoil NeckLoop

A telecoil is a small copper coil installed in many modern hearing aids. These wires function as an antenna to make it easy for users to stream audio signals straight to their hearing aids from their TV. The audio signals are streamed through your hearing aids, passing through settings tailored to your hearing loss. The sound becomes crisp and clear since environmental disturbances have been silenced. A telecoil neckloop is required to use this function at home.

Personal Hearing Amplifiers

Nowadays, hearing amplifiers are the go-to for people who need audio assistance when watching TV. They deliver very distinct, clear, and crisp sounds. These devices pick up sound with a microphone and amplify them in the ear. Examples of this type of device are the Bellman & Symfon Maxi Classic, Mino, Response, or Maxi Pro. The best part is that these user-friendly hearing amplifiers can be used with or without a hearing aid. So, when this device is used while watching TV, the sound can still be audible for other people in the room.

Bluetooth Listening System

Bluetooth listening systems include a transmitter that plugs into the TV. This system allows one to wirelessly connect Bluetooth headphones (or earbuds) to the TV. The sound is transmitted directly to the headphones. An example of this type of device is the Bellman & Symfon Maxi Pro TV Listening system. Because it is wireless, there is freedom of movement while listening.

Bellman & Symfon

Are you having difficulty hearing or understanding the dialogue in your favorite TV programs? Bellman & Symfon hearing amplifiers and Bluetooth hearing assistive systems are reliable, dependable, and highly recommended for seniors battling hearing loss. Get yours today. Contact us at 910-239-5796 and see what we can do for you.