Face Masks and Effective Communication

Hearing Amplifiers Help Those With Hearing Loss Handle Masks

woman with mask on using hearing amplifier

Many people thought they had finally found reasonable ways to manage their hearing impairment. Then the pandemic rears its ugly head, and out of nowhere, it makes everyday communication harder for everyone. Many people didn't realize how dependent they were on lip-reading until it was gone (and no one can clearly say when it'll return). Ordinary things like talking to your doctor and communicating at the grocery store are now far more difficult for some. 

Are you tired of asking people to repeat themselves endlessly because you can't make out what they're saying? It's okay; you are NOT alone. Masks work as sound dampeners, weakening the higher frequencies sounds that the wearer makes. It can be exhausting for you to even think about going out in public. But hearing amplifiers for the hearing impaired, also known as an assistive listening device (ALD), could be just what you need.

How The Pandemic Is Making Communication Difficult For Those with Hearing Loss

The Mask: To manage the spread of the Covid-19, many people are wearing masks that completely cover the mouth and nose. If you have the means in a pinch, you can always pull out a pen and paper or type things out on your phone, but this is not at all ideal, especially with strangers. 

So many people with hearing impairment depend on lip-reading and facial expressions to understand what the speaker is saying and interpret the emotions behind their words. These cues no longer being available make even the most superficial conversations far more challenging to understand. Constant and regular misunderstandings can get frustrating for anyone.

The 6-Feet Rule: Most hearing devices work best when the 'source of the sound' is within 6-feet from the hearer. Sadly, part of the rules for managing the pandemic is that people have to be 6-feet apart in public places. Although these rules are helping to reduce the spread of the virus, we can see that it's causing further strain on people who suffer from hearing impairment—especially those with older or non-functioning hearing devices. Thankfully, with the proper hearing amplifier, one can live an everyday life despite the social distancing or mask-wearing rules.

Quick Tips That Can Help You Communicate With Mask Wearers

If you have the means and time, you can attempt to get those around you to wear a transparent mask. However, the issue is that these are far less common and more expensive than a traditional medical mask, so not an option for most. You could also arm yourself with a paper/notepad, clipboard, and pen when going out to enable you to communicate. Compared to using the proper assistive listening technology, this can be a semi-ineffective burden.

One other option if your listening device is unavailable for any reason is to familiarize yourself with a speech-to-text app. Or use your smartphone as your notepad. But this also means you depend on your phone working and having a charge, not forgetting it, and all the hassle that comes with trying to use such a small screen with poor audio. A hearing amplifier is a far better option for you. 

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