Baby Cry Notification System | with Flash Receiver and Bed Shaker

Alert you with colored LEDs, bright flashing lights, and strong vibrations from the bed shaker, when your baby is crying.



This Baby Cry Notification package from Bellman & Symfon is part of the Visit Smart Home System that helps you to keep tabs on your home. This package includes a Baby Cry Transmitter, Flash Receiver, and Bed Shaker. Those alerting devices in this package are already paired as a system and ready to use out of the box. When the Baby Cry Transmitter detects the cries from your baby, you will be alerted with colored LEDs and bright flashing lights from the Flash Receiver and strong vibrations from the Bed Shaker which will wake up even the heavy sleepers. You can also adjust the sensitivity and delay levels on the Baby Cry Transmitter to work best with your baby’s behavior. The backup batteries on the Flash Receiver will keep the device fully functional even during power outages. Simply place the Flash Receiver in your living room, bedroom, or kitchen, and you will notice the bright flashing lights even from rooms away. This package baby cry alert device is a great signaling system to help people with hearing loss, hard of hearing, and deaf to be informed when your baby needs attention.


Package Contents

icon Baby Cry Transmitter

icon Flash Receiver 

icon Bed Shaker


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Reliable radio link

Covers up to 260 ft open field. 


Baby proof

Safe and tamper proof design.


Contact mat outlet

Alerts if your baby leaves the bed.


Settings menu

Adjustable sensitivity and delay.

What can Visit do?

Life with Visit

Keep tabs on your home

Visit gives you full control of your home and is easily adapted to cater your needs. It offers cutting edge telephone and doorbell detection, reliable baby monitoring and fire protection that meets the highest standards.

How it works

When your baby stirs, the baby monitor signals the receiver on your wrist. With gentle vibrations, it keeps you connected to your baby even when you are rooms apart.

Setting up the Telephone transmitter

  • Remove the battery pull tab to start the unit.
    Remove the protective film from the Velcro.

  • Paste the sensor on the wall.

  • Connect the cables as shown below.

Additional Connection

  • BE9024 Contact mat

    Remove the protective film from the Velcro.

  • BE9023 Magnetic switch

    Doors / windows

  • BE9253 Cable

    Doorbells / intercoms

  • BE9251 MPS

    Mobile phones / tablets

  • RJ11 input

    Analogue telephone

Handles any type of doorbell

The door transmitter
can be activated by:

  • Internal microphone

  • Electromagnetic detector

  • External microphone accessory

  • Existing doorbell via the Ext. trig

Setting it up – House

  • Remove the battery pull tab to start the unit.
    Remove the protective film from the Velcro.

  • Paste the transmitter to the left of the door chime.

Setting it up – Apartment

  • Remove the battery pull tab to start the unit.
    Remove the protective film from the Velcro.

  • Paste the transmitter to the left of the door chime.

  • Connect the Ext. Microphone and attach it to the intercom’s speaker.

Setting up the Baby monitor

  • Remove the battery pull tab to start the unit.

  • Place it on a table or hang it on the wall, about 0.5–2 m from the baby
    Always keep it out of reach from the child.

Adjusting the settings

  • If the baby monitor is not activated when the baby cries

    – increase the sensitivity.

  • If the baby monitor is activated too easily

    – reduce the sensitivity.

  • If the baby monitor is activated too fast or too slow

    – adjust the delay.

Setting up the Smoke alarm

  • Connect the battery to the battery snaps to start the unit.

  • Fix the baseplate to the ceiling using a screwdriver,
    > 50 cm from walls and other obstructions.

  • Turn it clockwise to attach it to the baseplate.

* Please read user manual before installation.

Setting up the CO alarm

  • Remove the mounting bracket from the CO alarm by turning it counter-clockwise.

  • Fix the mounting bracket to the ceiling or wall using the supplied screws and plugs.

  • Fit the alarm to the bracket by turning it clockwise until is snaps into place.

* Please read user manual before installation.

Using it as caller button

  • Attach the lanyard to the unit.

  • Hang the caller button around your spouse's neck.
    You can also mount it on a wall using the supplied adhesive.

Using it as
doorbell button

Flash Receiver

Alerts with bright flashes and colored lights. Features a rotating top so it’s easy to direct the light. Available with battery backup for full functionality even during power cuts.



Alerting signal

30 Candela Xenon lights


Multicolored LEDs


Optional backup battery

Rotating top

Easy to direct the light


Bed shaker jack


Wall mount bracket

Portable Receiver

Alerts with an adjustable sound signal and colored lights. Easy to use and wireless, so your client can bring it out in the garden. Lasts up to three years on standard batteries.



Alerting signal

Sound, 0-93 dB @ 1m


Individual sounds + LEDs


Mains or 4x1.5V batteries

Battery life

Up to 3 years


Bed shaker jack


Wall bracket (included)

Pager Receiver

Alerts with gentle vibrations and colored lights. Small and lightweight, and can be carried in the pocket or on the belt. During the night, a bed shaker can be connected to the charger accessory.



Alerting signal

Non-intrusive vibrations


Vibration patterns + LEDs


Weighs only 70 g


Includes a safety cord


Bedside charger

Operating time

3 weeks or 1 week/charge

Clock Receiver

Awakes you with sound, flashes and vibrations when it’s time to get up or when a transmitter is activated. Features battery backup and a night light that emits a mild blue glow.



Loud alarm

Increases to over 100 dB

Bright flashes

4 flashing LED lights

Strong vibrations

Bed shaker included

Battery backup

Works during power cuts

Night light

Guides you back to bed

Easy to use

Large rotating dials

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Customer Reviews

Customer Reviews

Based on 43 reviews
Laura Walker
Good but Some Setup Challenges

The system works well, but the setup instructions could be clearer. It took some time to get everything working properly.

Anthony Harris
Effective but Needs Design Improvement

The system is effective, but the design could be improved. It's a bit bulky and takes up a lot of space.

Emma Wilson
Useful but Battery Life Short

The system is useful, but the battery life on the flash receiver is shorter than expected. It needs frequent charging.

Michael Martinez
Good System but Sensitivity Adjustments Needed

The system is good, but the sensitivity adjustments could be easier to use. It takes some trial and error to get it right.

Sarah Clark
Reliable but Flash Receiver Needs Improvement

The flash receiver needs to be brighter to be seen from a distance. Other than that, it's a reliable system.