Flash Receiver

Alert you with colored LEDs and bright flashing lights, needs to work with Visit transmitter as a system.



The Flash Receiver from Bellman & Symfon is part of the Visit Smart Home System that helps you to keep tabs on your home. The Flash Receiver is a great alerting device to help people with hearing loss, hard of hearing, and deaf to be informed to stay independent and stay secure, knowing that you won’t miss important notifications. When receiving the signals from Visit transmitters, the Flash Receiver will notify you with bright flashing lights as well as from the dedicated colored LEDs, you can tell whether someone rings your doorbell or telephone, your baby needs your attention, or there is a risk of fire or carbon monoxide. The Flash Receiver can connect with the optional accessory Bed Shaker to provide you notification of strong vibrations which will wake up even the heaviest sleepers. The Flash Receiver is powered by a wall outlet, and the included backup batteries will ensure the device is also fully functional during power outages. As an add-on, you can also connect the Flash Receiver with your landline phone directly or an optional accessory, such as the Mobile Phone Sensor, to get additional alerts. It is suitable to place the Flash Receiver in your living room, bedroom, or kitchen, and you will notice the bright flashing lights even from rooms away. The Flash Receiver has been certified according to standards UL217 / UL2034 / ULcS531 / CSA 6.19.


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Reliable radio link

Covers up to 260 ft open field.*


Intense light 

Alerts you with flashes.


Easy identification

Through colored lights.


Battery backup

Works even during power outage.

Frequently Asked Questions

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  • I have a basic bellman clock with bed shaker my question which device for hearing the fire alarm I live in a apartment

    Hello. We recommend you to look into this Smoke/Fire Safety Notification Pacakge https://shop.bellman.com/collections/alerting-devices-safe-smoke-carbon-monoxide-detector-for-deaf/products/alerting-signaling-devices-smoke-fire-alarm-system-smokeclockbedshaker . This pakcage includes a Smoke Alarm Transmitter, a Alarm Clock Receiver and a Bed Shaker. The Smoke Alarm Transmitter is to detect heat and smoke at the earliest possible stages. When activated, the transmitter will immediately send a radio signal wirelessly to the Alarm Clock Receiver, and you will be alerted with loud sounds, bright flashing lights, and intensive vibrations from the bed shaker. 
    Hope this information helps. 
    Best regards,
    Bellman & Symfon

  • Can the flash receiver wake you up if you are sleeping? Are the flashing strobes strong enough to wake a sleeping person?

    The Flash Receiver does have a bright light that can light up the room, but in the case of being woken up by the flashing light by itself it may vary from person to person.

    If you would like to be notified about a certain event happening in your home while you are sleeping while using the Flash Receiver, we recommend using the Bed Shaker accessory.

    The Bed Shaker can be connected to the Flash Receiver and placed under your pillow or your mattress. Whenever the Flash Receiver is triggered by one of the Bellman & Symfon Transmitters. The Flash Receiver will notify you with bright flashes and the Bed Shaker with notifiy you with vibrations.

  • Do you have fire alarms with strobe or do Ii need a flash receiver in each room? Can the flash receiver be attached to a wall or ceiling?

    Our Smoke Alarm Transmitters do not have a strobe light on them. You will need to have Flash Receivers in the rooms that you would like to have the flashing light notification for smoke or fire in the home. 

    For the second question, Yes, you can purchase the Wall Bracket for the Flash Receiver to be able to mount the Flash Receiver onto a wall if needed.

Customer Reviews

Customer Reviews

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Crandall S.
Flasher receiver

Its very good one and has Powerful flasher light. I liked it very much and its very good quality.