Baby Cry Notification System | with Portable Receiver and Bed Shaker

Alert you with colored LEDs, audible sounds with adjustable volume up to 90dB, and strong vibrations from the bed shaker, when your baby is crying.



This Baby Cry Notification package from Bellman & Symfon is part of the Visit Smart Home System that helps you to keep tabs on your home. This package includes a Baby Cry Transmitter, Portable Receiver, and Bed Shaker. Those alerting devices in this package are already paired as a system and ready to use out of the box. When the Baby Cry Transmitter detects the cries from your baby, you will be alerted with colored LEDs and audible sounds with adjustable volume up to 90dB from the Portable Receiver and strong vibrations from the Bed Shaker which will wake up even the heavy sleepers. The Portable Receiver is powered by batteries so you can easily bring it with you and place wherever you like. This package is a great signaling system to help people with hearing loss, hard of hearing, and deaf to be informed when your baby needs attention.


Package Contents

icon Baby Cry Transmitter

icon Portable Receiver

icon Bed Shaker 


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Reliable radio link

Covers up to 260 ft open field.* 


Baby proof

Safe and tamper proof design.


Contact mat outlet

Alerts if your baby leaves the bed.


Settings menu

Adjustable sensitivity and delay.

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Customer Reviews

Customer Reviews

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Crandall S.
I am so grateful to

We needed this baby cry notification system because we are deaf and recently celebrated the arrival of our first grandchild. It worked flawlessly. We're delighted that this product is still being manufactured.