Alarm Clock Classic

Wakes you up via ascending sounds, and vibrations from the bed shaker of your choice.



The Alarm Clock Classic with bed shaker from Bellman & Symfon is a quality alarm you can count on to wake up even the heaviest sleepers. With the ascending loud sounds which also sweep through different frequencies and strong vibrations from the bed shaker, you will be alerted each morning constantly and reliably. The two large rotating dials for easy time and alarm adjustment make this clock very user-friendly too.


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    Loud sound 

    Delivers up to 100dB.


    Illuminated display 

    Wakes you with flashes.


    Bed shaker

    Vibrates under the pillow.

    Wake up to vibrations

    • Powerful bed shaker

    • Vibrations that can be felt through the pillow

    Wake up to a
    super loud alarm

    • Increases up to 100+ dB step by step
      up even the heaviest sleeper

    • Sweeps through the frequencies
      Great for people with trouble hearing

    a bit smarter

    • The clock reduces the snooze
      interval from 9 to 2 minutes, in two minute steps

    • Enough time to wake up
      enough time to wake up and also breakfast without stress

    Additional features

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Q1. So far, there are no frequently asked questions available for this product. 

    Please raise your question below or contact us via the chat box. 

    • Can the alarm clock classic be used by deaf people?

      Our products were originally designed to be used by those that are hard of hearing, but the alarm clock classic is perfect for use by deaf individuals! The Bellman Alarm Clock classic, between the flashing lights and vibration, will be able to wake anyone. Please contact us for more information about how you can use our products in your everyday life. 

    • What makes this alarm clock good for waking heavy sleepers?

      The Bellman alarm clock classic wakes you with intense vibrations from the attached bed shaker, bright flashing LED lights and an alarm that will gradually boost up to over 100DB so it’s sure to be able to wake even the deepest sleepers. 

    • Do I need to keep my alarm clock classic plugged in at all times?

      Ideally, yes but the alarm clock classic does have a backup battery built-in so even in the case of power failure your alarm and bed shaker will continue to work. Rest easy at night knowing you're going to get your notifications. 

    • How many different alarms can you set on this clock?

      With the Bellman alarm clock classic, you can only set one singular alarm – your set alert time will be shown at the bottom of the alarm clock display at all times. 

    • Can this alarm clock be used without the sound alarm?

      Yes, it’s very easy to turn off the sound feature on this alarm. Simply press the sound/flash button located on the back of the alarm clock classic to toggle the audio volume off or on. Perfect for individuals with hearing loss or deafness that need to get up but don't want to wake the entire household in the process!

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