Mino Personal Amplifier | with Neckloop and Microset

Digital personal sound amplifier, rechargeable, with neck loop for users who have hearing aids equipped with T-coil function



The Mino Personal Amplifier is our most discreet and flexible personal sound amplification device. Mino utilizes the latest digital sound processing technology and features both an omnidirectional and a directional microphone which can further reduce the background noise from the back and the sides and bring out the words loud and clear. It is slim and lightweight, with the specially designed Microset accessory and you can put Mino into your pocket but still hear the conversation which is great also for outdoors. With its built-in Telecoil, Mino also works with loop systems in many theaters, concert halls, and churches etc. Mino is easy to use and has no complicated menus. The Neck Loop included in this package is for hearing aids users but want to further boost the performance of hearing aids. Just put the Neck Loop around your neck and connect it with Mino, then put the hearing aids to “T” position and you will hear the further enhanced sound on your hearing aids. Discover the joy of better hearing with our Mino Personal Amplifier.

  Mino personal amplification device is our smallest and most versatile assistive listening device. Ensure that you have the audio you need, anywhere you go!

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Fully digital

Clear and noise-free sound.


Zoom microphone

Useful in busy surroundings.


Built in Telecoil

For theaters and cinemas.


Long lasting power

Up to 30 hours per charge.


Personal amplifier

Digital | Flexible | Small

Never any

Listen at the volume of
your choice without others
having to raise their voices.

Mino will amplify speech
and remove disturbing
background noise.

Enjoy radio and TV
in full stereo

Connect Mino to the TV or radio and enjoy great sound in stereo while sparing your family’s ears.

Switch to the internal mic. when you want to talk to the person next to you.

Get more out
of the show

Many theaters, concert halls, and churches are fitted with hearing loop systems that Mino picks up with its built-in Telecoil.

Switch to the internal microphone when you want to talk to the person next to you.

Hear above the
traffic noise

A car is one of the hardest sound environments to conduct a conversation in. Besides the traffic noise, the passengers are normally facing away from you. .

Select the directional microphone. You can also attach a lapel microphone.

Natural sound with
incredible detail

  • Digital signal processing

  • 10 band noise cancellation

  • 10 band dynamic compression

  • Adaptive feedback cancellation

  • Sound with natural color

Light and
pocket size


  • Uses adaptive beam forming technology

  • Suppresses noise coming from behind and side

  • Amplifies sound coming from the front

lasting power

  • Rechargeable Li-ion battery means no battery hassle

  • Up to 29h operation, less than 4h to charge

  • USB universal charger

Intuitive user

  • One button - one function

  • No menus to learn

  • Soft grip material

  • High contrast indicators


Using Mino with hearing aids

* Hearing aid or cochlear implant need to equip with T-coil function.

1. On the table

Mino captures the
sound, filters out
background noise and
clarifies speech.

2. Around the neck

The neck loop transmits the
speech wirelessly to the
hearing aid or cochlear

3. In the ear

The hearing aid* or
cochlear implant* refines
the sound further before it
reaches the ear.

The MicroSet™

Lapel microphone combined
with an earbud

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