Best Alarm Clock for Heavy Sleepers [Our Top 4]

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If your alarm's gentle melody isn't cutting it for your wake-up call, you might be a heavy sleeper. In that case, you may want to consider using a more robust alarm or experimenting with different wake-up techniques to ensure a more effective start to your day. 

So, Get the best alarm clock for heavy sleepers with a bed shaker is the best option for you to wake up in time. Don't worry, Bellman has a few alarm clocks out there awake to vibrate your pillow, even the deepest sleepers. Today I'm gonna tell about those features as if you may choose from our recommendation.

I put together a list of top-notch best alarm clock for heavy sleepers specifically designed for people who have a tendency to sleep deeply. If you need alarms that can wake up the whole neighborhood or a way to kick that snooze button habit finally, these choices have got you covered. I personally put many alarm clocks to the test, and only four made it to the top. Keep reading to know the best one that is perfect to meet your needs.

Best Alarm Clock for Heavy Sleepers: [List of Top 04]

  1. Visit Alarm Clock Receiver: Best Smart Home Multi-Sensory Wake-Up device.
  2. Alarm Clock Pro: Best for Multi-Sensory Wake-Up Device.
  3. Alarm Clock Classic: Best for User-Friendliness.
  4. Vibio Portable Bluetooth Bed-Shaker: Best Bluetooth/Portable Wake-Up device.

Top Verdict: Alarm Clock Receiver

Alarm Clock Receiver is the #1 Best Alarm Clock for Heavy SleepersGif image of bellman's Best Alarm Clock for Heavy Sleepers

This Alarm Clock with Bed Shaker is the best choice because it's not just loud and flashes with bright LED lights when the alarm is set off, but it also comes with a vibrating feature. This blend makes sure that even those who sleep really soundly won't just casually sleep through this alarm. So, Obviously it is the best alarm clock for heavy sleepers. Grab now.....

Besides, this Alarm Clock is a Receiver in the Visit™ Smart Home system allowing you to wake up in case there is a fire, if there is a deadly Carbon monoxide leakage, or if your baby is screaming for your attention (extra Smart Home Transmitters are needed and available through Bellman & Symfon.

If you're the type who finds it challenging to get up on time, this alarm clock, complete with a bed shaker, is your perfect solution. It'll give you a strong and effective wake-up call, making your mornings a whole lot easier to kickstart. 

Bid farewell to wake up late and welcome a dependable and effortless method to guarantee you kickstart your day positively.

How we verdict the top one among the other 04.

We choose our top favorites based on what customers said in their review section.

Daniel Wells:

“Purchased for receiving an alarm from my wife while I’m asleep in a separate bedroom. I’m deaf without my cochlear implant processor. The setup was simple, and having the device relieved my stress”


“We love the Alarm Clock Receiver! It is easy to use and our clients love it”

Loni Eustace-McMillan:

“My husband wakes up when the vibrating begins under his pillow. It is easy to set the time and the alarm time. It is easy to use and works very well

1. Visit Alarm Clock Receiver: Best Smart Home Multi-Sensory Wake-Up device

Alarm Clock Receiver is the best alarm clock for heavy sleepersA real gif image of how bed shaker works with the best alarm clock for heavy sleepers


The Bellman & Symfon alarm clock with bed shaker is part of the Visit™ smart home system, designed to assist individuals with hearing loss. Priviously, we've known this clock is the best alarm clock for heavy sleepers, now let's talk in details about this vibrating alarm

You get notifications through audible sounds, bright flashing lights, and LED colored for various alerts like doorbell rings, phone calls, your baby's needs, or any safety risks. The included bed shaker ensures even heavy sleepers are alerted through strong vibrations. 

This alarm clock is powered by a wall outlet with backup batteries for functionality during power outages. It's really user-friendly that offers customizable wake-up alerts. It can be connected to a landline or any other optional accessories for additional alerts. 

Certified according to standards UL217 / UL2034 / ULCS531 / CSA 6.19, it's suitable for bedroom placement, providing peace of mind for important notifications.

Features of Alarm Clock Receiver:

  • Reliable Radio Link: Covers up to 260 ft in an open field.
  • loud alarm: Delivers up to 100dB for effective alerts.
  • Intense Lights: Wakes you with powerful flashes.
  • Bed Shaker: Vibrates under the pillow for added awakening.
  • Night Light: Guides you back to bed with a gentle glow.
  • Battery Backup: Steps in to maintain functionality during power loss.

2.Alarm Clock Pro: Best for Multi-Sensory Wake-Up

Alarm Clock Pro



Bellman's bed shaker alarm clock – your ultimate wake-up companion. This is the #2 best alarm clock for heavy sleepers.

Picture this: as you approach wake-up time, the alarm doesn't just jolt you with loud sounds; it gradually builds up, sweeping through different frequencies for a gentler and more natural awakening. But that's not all – the experience is heightened with bright flashing lights and powerful vibrations.

It’s all ensuring that even the heaviest sleeper is stirred from their slumber. The alarm clock pro has your back with reliable backup batteries. It guarantees that your morning alarm will persist, no matter what surprises your local power grid throws your way.

Features of Alarm Clock Pro:

  • Loud Sound: Up to 100dB for a powerful wake-up call.
  • Intense Lights: Flashing lights to ensure you wake up visually.
  • Bed Shaker: Vibrates under the pillow for an additional sensory alert.
  • Night Light: Guides you back to bed with a gentle light.
  • Battery Backup: Reliable wake-up even during power loss.

3.Alarm Clock Classic: Best for User-Friendliness

Alarm Clock Classic


Alarm clock and bed shaker from Bellman isn't just your average wake-up call – it's a steadfast assurance, especially for those who practically defy waking up. According to our research this is the #3 best alarm clock for heavy sleepers.

Imagine a morning where you don't wrestle with the snooze button or battle the desire to stay in bed. This alarm isn't just a noise; it's a calculated crescendo, starting softly and then amplifying gradually. 

Think of this clock as a well-thought-out symphony – one that's harmonized to break through the deepest of dreams. Its large rotating dials for time and alarm adjustments are a testament to its user-friendly design, acknowledging the groggy mornings when simplicity matters most.

In a world where every morning feels like a skirmish between duty and the desire for a few more precious moments of rest, this alarm clock and bed shaker from Bellman & Symfon are loyal comrades. 

For those who hold their sleep dearer than most, this isn’t just an alarm clock – it's a dependable companion, standing guard to ensure your days kick off precisely when they should.

Features of Alarm Clock Classic

  • Loud Sound: Reaches up to 100dB for clear alerts.
  • Illuminated Display: That lights up during the alarm
  • Bed Shaker: Vibrates discreetly under your pillow for wakefulness.

4.Vibio Portable Bluetooth Bed-shaker: Best Portable Bed-shaker with Adjustable Vibration Strength

Vibio Portable Bluetooth Bed Shaker



The Vibio wireless bed shaker alarm by Bellman & Symfon is designed for deaf and hearing-impaired individuals. We selected this as #4 best alarm clock for heavy sleepers.

Connecting via Bluetooth to smartphones or tablets, it offers customizable vibration strengths and supports up to 10 alarms. Even if the mobile device is off, Vibio functions independently.

This bed shaker alarm also notifies you of every incoming calls and texts, even ensuring important communications so, nothing will not be missed from now. Compatible with both iOS and Android devices, Vibio aims to provide a hassle-free wake-up experience for those with hearing impairments.

Features of Vibio Portable Bluetooth

  • Strong Vibrations: Wakes even heavy sleepers.
  • Bluetooth 5: Ensures reliable communication.
  • Notifications: Receive alerts for calls and messages.
  • Set And Forget: Operates independently of the mobile device.

People also ask (FAQs)

Q.1: Which alarm is best for heavy sleepers?

Ans: All the models provide excellent alerting, they are all vibrating, and some of them alert also with sound and flashing lights.

Q.2: What is the best alarm sound for heavy sleepers?

Ans: The most effective alarm sound can vary for each sleeper, but a siren is often highly effective for waking up heavy sleepers.

Q.3: What is the best alarm to wake up slowly?

Ans: A gradually increasing sound, such as a soft melody or nature-inspired tone, is best suited for those who prefer a slower wake-up experience.

Q.4: What is the most effective alarm clock?

Ans: The most effective alarm clock is subjective and depends on personal preferences. Some people find success with gradually increasing light alarms, while others prefer loud, traditional alarms.

Q.5: What is the healthiest alarm sound to wake up to?

Ans: Natural sound like birdsong or a soft melody is often considered a healthier choice for waking up

Comprehensive Guide Before Buying the Best Alarm Clock for Heavy Sleepers

Comprehensive Guide Before Buying the Best Alarm Clock for Heavy Sleepers

Credit: id-work

Buying an alarm clock for heavy sleepers requires careful consideration of various factors to ensure it effectively wakes you up. Here's a comprehensive guide to help you make an informed decision:

There are major points like:

  1. Characteristics.
  2. Comparative Analysis.
  3. User reviews.

Characteristics of the product.

Characteristics of the product.

Credit: adventtr

Volume and Tone: Look for an alarm clock with adjustable volume settings, allowing you to set it at a level that will wake you up. Consider models with adjustable tones or multiple alarm sounds to find one that is loud and effective for you.

Vibration and Shaking Features: Some alarm clocks for heavy sleepers include a vibration or shaking feature. These can be placed under your pillow or mattress to physically wake you up.

Display: Opt for a clock with a clear and easily readable display, especially if you need glasses. LED displays are often bright and easy to see.

Multiple Alarms: Choose a clock that allows you to set multiple alarms at different times. This is helpful if you have different wake-up times throughout the week.

Alarm Sound Options: Consider alarms with a variety of sounds, including options that start off soft and gradually increase in volume. This can be less jarring than a sudden loud noise.

Smart Features: Some alarm clocks come with smart features, such as smartphone connectivity or integration with voice assistants. This can allow you to customize alarms or control other devices.

Battery Backup: A clock with a battery backup feature ensures that your alarm will still go off during a power outage, preventing any disruption to your wake-up routine.

Durability: Look for a well-built alarm clock that can withstand occasional bumps or falls. A sturdy construction ensures longevity.

Ease of Use: Choose a clock with a user-friendly interface. Complicated settings may discourage you from using the alarm effectively.

Size and Portability: Consider the size of the clock and whether it fits well on your nightstand. If you travel frequently, a compact and portable alarm clock might be preferable.

Snooze Function: Some heavy sleepers may be tempted to hit the snooze button repeatedly. Consider a clock with customizable snooze options or one that makes it slightly challenging to snooze.

Customer Reviews: Read customer reviews to get real-world feedback on the alarm clock's effectiveness, durability, and ease of use.

Brand Reputation: Choose a reputable brand known for producing reliable and effective alarm clocks.

Price: Set a budget and look for an alarm clock that meets your requirements within that range.

Warranty: Check for a warranty, as it provides added assurance of the product's quality and the manufacturer's confidence in their product.

Comparative Analysis Among the Best Alarm Clock for Heavy Sleepers

Comparative Analysis Among the Best Alarm Clock for Heavy Sleepers

Credit: Puttachat Kumkrong

User Reviews for the desire product

User Reviews for the desire product

Credit :Dilok Klaisataporn

Daniel Wells for [Alarm Clock Receiver]

"Purchased for receiving an alarm from my wife while I’m asleep in a separate bedroom. I’m deaf without my cochlear implant processor. Setup was simple and having the device relieved my stress.

Mary for [Alarm Clock Receiver]

"We love the Alarm Clock Receiver! It is easy to use and our clients love it"

Loni Eustace-McMillan for [Alarm Clock Receiver]

"We love this alarm clock. My husband wakes up when the vibrating begins under his pillow. It is easy to set the time and the alarm time. It is easy to use and works very well.

Dee [Alarm Clock Pro]

"Works great! Bright lights and strong bed shakers to wake you or alert you to important calls and text messages, with a mobile phone sensor. Easy setup. Alarm and time are easy to set. Great snooze alarm. Highly recommend it. Also, customer service is outstanding."

Saytel L [Alarm Clock Pro]

"I reviewed so many products trying to buy the right alarm clock. I have a severe hearing loss and I was afraid the clock would not vibrate strong enough but the Alarm Clock Pro exceeded my expectations. It has vibrator, light and sound and it's possible to choose one or all of them to wake up. Also, it's super easy to use. It's the perfect clock for someone with severe hearing loss or deafness.

Brad Herring [Vibio Portable Bluetooth]

"Super portable bed-shaker for alarm clock and works for phone calls & texts if you set it up that way! Pairing it with most any phone is easy."

Tamara Engelbert [Vibio Portable Bluetooth]

"It is amazing . My daughter loves it. She is deaf and she has tried other devices and this one is by far the best out there! It is so nice that she is able to take it on vacation with her too.Thank you!"

Frances Miller [Vibio Portable Bluetooth]

"Perfect for travel. The bed shaker alarm is perfect for travel. Set the alarm on your phone for your normal waking time. It automatically changes to the time zone you are in. The vibration is enough to wake me up and it's hard to wake up."

Wayne Powell [Vibio Portable Bluetooth]

"I'm 93 years old and can't hear an alarm clock.I looked for a long time for something to wake me up when I needed to meet appointments and get to church on time . Fibio is great for waking me. I can also get phone calls at night that I couldn't before at night. Thanks to Charles who has helped with questions about using it. It works great."

Amanda Verified by Shop [Vibio Portable Bluetooth]

"I would like a refund on it please if something is wrong with the bluetooth connection and it won’t connect with my phone non compatible."

Paul Tandy [Vibio Portable Bluetooth]

"Great Product. The Vibio bed shaker alarm is high quality and easy to use. It has been a game changer for my wife, who lost her hearing after a brain tumor."

Mark B. [Vibio Portable Bluetooth]

"A lifesaver. I have severe hearing loss. Without my hearing aids I cannot hear my phone or an alarm clock, even on the loudest setting. Had used a different bed shaker but the app failed and the manufacturer decided to discontinue the device rather than rewrite the app. The Vibio works great! It is more powerful, even on the medium setting. It is easy to program and alerts me to text messages and phone calls. More expensive than my previous unit but well worth it!"

Kaja M. [Vibio Portable Bluetooth]

"I am so grateful. I am so grateful to have found this. I was thinking about calls and messages from my kids. Thank you."

Joel M. [Vibio Portable Bluetooth]

"Easy to use and works. Easy to use and works like a charm."

Comprehensive Guide for Maintenance & Care Tips After Buying the Alarm Clock 

Comprehensive Guide for Maintenance & Care Tips After Buying the Alarm Clock

Credit: Andrzej Rostek

Read the Manual: Start by thoroughly reading the user manual that comes with your alarm clock. 

Placement: Choose a stable and level surface to place placing it near the edge of tables or shelves

Power Source: Use the recommended power source. If the clock uses batteries, use high-quality, fresh batteries. If it has a power cord, make sure it's properly inserted.

Keep your alarm clock away from direct sunlight and extreme temperatures.

Cleaning: Dust and dirt can accumulate on the clock's surface and affect its performance. Use a soft, lint-free cloth to clean the clock regularly. Avoid using harsh chemicals that could damage the finish.

Be gentle when handling your alarm clock. Avoid dropping it or subjecting it to sudden shocks, as this can lead to internal damage.

Adjust Setting: When setting the time or alarm, use the buttons or knobs as directed in the manual. Avoid applying excessive force or turning knobs too quickly.

Battery: If your alarm clock has the capability to automatically update time and date, make sure it's set up correctly. Some models may require periodic adjustments for daylight saving time changes.

If your clock uses batteries, replace them as soon as they run out. Old or leaking batteries can damage the internal components of the clock.

Regularly test the alarm function to ensure it is working correctly. If you notice any malfunctions or issues with your alarm clock, address them promptly.

Regularly test the alarm function to ensure it is working correctly. If you notice any malfunctions or issues with your alarm clock, address them promptly.