October is Protect Your Hearing Month: Personal Amplifier Devices Improve Hearing

Bellman Symfon personal amplifier with headphones

During this year's National Protect Your Hearing Month, we want to help you understand how to protect yourself from noise-induced hearing loss. Protecting your hearing is especially important for people who work in noisy places such as factories, warehouses, and construction sites.

Noise-Induced Hearing Loss

Loud sounds harm your hearing when exposed to them too long. The louder a sound is, the quicker it damages your hearing. For example, an emergency siren that ranges from 110-129 dBA could damage your hearing in only two minutes. But over an extended period, even a level of 85 dBA (i.e., lawnmower, heavy traffic) can cause hearing loss. Noise-induced hearing loss is permanent and cannot be reversed. However, noise-induced hearing loss is preventable by using hearing protectors.

Hearing Protectors: Why, When and How

When you can't move far away from loud sounds or turn the volume down, hearing protectors can be used to keep your hearing healthy. But, of course, the best hearing protectors are the ones you like and will use. There are two kinds of hearing protection devices. These include protective earmuffs and earplugs.

Protective Earmuffs

This style of a hearing protector is easy to use. It prevents hearing damage by limiting sound levels reaching the inner ear; however, it doesn't block all noise. Most people find earmuffs comfortable to wear. The plastic ear cups must completely cover both ears to be effective. The earmuff style protectors are simple for children to wear correctly compared to earplugs.


Earplugs are small and fit perfectly into the ear canal between the middle and the outer ear. They come in reusable and disposable options and different sizes. Inserting earplugs can be tricky, and if improperly inserted, they are not effective. In addition, some people find them uncomfortable to wear for long periods. Parents should help children insert the earplugs to make sure they fit correctly.

Protect Your Hearing

With October being the National Protect Your Hearing Month, we are spreading the word about hearing protection. Everyone is encouraged to practice safe listening for themselves and their loved ones by taking these three simple steps:

  • Move away from loud noises
  • Lower the volume
  • Wear protective earmuffs or earplugs when in loud environments

We live on a noisy planet. So, protect your hearing at all costs.

Are you experiencing hearing loss? Bellman & Symfon can help. We sell products that assist people with hearing loss to keep them engaged with the world. Hearing assistive devices, visual and vibrating alert systems, and other specialty items are available. Let us help select the right products for you based on your needs. Contact us at 910-239-5796 today.